Business franchise for production

of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes

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Chemical production franchises

Unlike trade and service industry, the production business does not suffer from sanctions and is less susceptible to crises, as it has a significantly higher net profit in relation to the invested funds. Become a manufacturer in one or more areas of the HimRussia's franchise.

We offer the following franchise options:

Option 1

20 000$

One of any franchises

Option 2

150 000$

- Household chemical agents

- Automobile chemical agents

- Cleaning chemical agents

Option 3

380 000 $

All list of franchises

Franchise types:

  • 01. Cleaning chemical agents
  • 02. Household chemical agents
  • 03. Automobile chemical agents
  • 04. Non-freezing washer fluids
  • 05. Tosol cooling agents and heat transfer fluids
  • 06. Cleaning pastes
  • 07. Aerosols



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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Industrial stainless steel reactor with software1 pc.2 pcs.
Industrial reactor2 pcs.3 pcs.6 pcs.
Average reactor1 pc.2 pcs.
Small reactor1 pc.2 pcs.
Osmosis, 2 flasks1 pc.1 pc.2 pcs.
Storage tank1 pc.2 m35 m3
Additional filtration system1 pc.2 pcs.
Large 4-head pouring unit**
Small 4-head pouring unit**
Small compressor*
Large compressor*
Small single-head pouring1 pc.2 pcs.
2-sided labeller**
Packing machineSmallLarge
Aerosol unit*
Production of PET containers*
Press forms*
Closure2 pcs.4 pcs.
Electric stacker*
Mechanical stacker*
Pallet jack1 pc.1 pc.2 pcs.
Stretch film packer*
Steam packer*
Large racks25 m350 m3
Instrument set***
Small lab*
Large lab*
Consumables kitSmallAverageLarge
Pump for pumping aggressive chemical compounds1 pc.2 pcs.4 pcs.
Electric barrel pump2 pcs.4 pcs.
Mechanical barrel pump1 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.
Small scales1 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.
Large scales2 pcs.4 pcs.10 pcs.
Pump with gun1 pc.2 pcs.3 pcs.
Tables2 pcs.4 pcs.
Chairs2 pcs.4 pcs.
Working laptop with software and instructionsFlash drive**
Shower cabins*
Repair indoors**
Personal protection equipment***
A set of inventory for workSmallAverageLarge


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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Zonal design***
Recommendations on selection of premises***
Evaluation of the selected premises***
Indoor layout***
Consultations at the contract conclusion***
Consultations during initial preparation***
Water analysis***
Equipment selection***
Individual estimation of the equipment required for launch***
Selection of additional equipment***
Consultations on the specifications of the equipment dispatched***
Warranty service12 months24 months60 months
Workflow organization***
Assistance in staff recruitment***
Employee accreditation***
Interaction with the central office***
Equipment dispatch***
Preparation of equipment and raw materials for transportation***
Search for a transport company or carrier***
Consultations at unloading***
Visit of the specialist. Installation. Training.up to 5 days15 days45 days
Visit of the specialist***
Preparation of premises and equipment***
Operator training***
Logistics and procurement staff training***
Transfer of intellectual property***
Over 150 unique recipes and flow sheetsHimrussia brandown brandown brand
TU (Technical Conditions), certificates, test reports***
List of accredited suppliers***
1C accounting***
Consultations of the company's technologist***


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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Standards and sales techniques***
Drawing up a commodity matrixrecommendedfullfull
Package of documents for work with customers***
Shipping terms and discount system***
Test patterns, stock placement system**
Sales training**
Work with objection1 r/year2 r/year
Detailed assortment analysis1 r/year2 r/year
Detailed assortment analysis1 r/year2 r/year
Organizational package of documents**
Supply contracts**
Dealership agreement***
Agreement on contract manufacturing***
Product instructions***
Safety data sheets***
Promotional materials***
Price lists***
Sales process management CRM system shared with franchisee***
Training to work on the Bitrix24 CRM system of the sales department***
Training to work on the Bitrix24 CRM system of the company management***
Selection, recruitment, and training of sales staff***
Job placement template***
Interview format***
Required package of documents for hiring**
Employee payroll system***
Dealer network. Work with dealers***
Format of work with dealers***
Contract manufacturing for customers with their own brand**
Work with tenders**
Contract manufacturing***
Production for customers with their own brand***
Terms of delivery***
Format of work and method of attraction***


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Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Audit, evaluation, analysis*
Expert evaluation*
Development guidelines*
Competitor analysis*
Media plan drafting*
Product packaging**
Corporate identity development**
Marketing kit development**
Printed products design**
Internet marketing***
Website development***
Contextual advertising***
Social networks***
YouTube channel maintenance*
Video marketing*
Shooting commercials*
Video footage*
Analytics systems**
CRM system implementation**
End-to-end analytics**
Systems integration**
Exhibitions, presentations*
Organization of events*
Presentation development*
Organization of exhibitions*