Business franchise for production

of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes

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Chemical Production Franchises

Unlike trade and service industry, the production business does not suffer from sanctions and is less susceptible to crises, as it has a significantly higher net profit in relation to the invested funds.

Become a manufacturer in one or more areas of the HimRussia's franchise.

Cleaning chemical agents

Your customers cleaning companies, government agencies, kindergartens, medical facilities, supermarkets and shopping centers, manufacturing companies, construction companies.

  • - acid and alkaline detergents
  • - liquid soap
  • - foam suppressant
  • - glass cleaning products
  • - carpet cleaning agents

Household Chemical Agents

Your customers: wholesale and retail stores, online stores, own stores.

  • - various types of liquid soap
  • - dishwashing liquids
  • - pipe cleaning agents
  • - liquid laundry detergents
  • - agents for washing kitchen areas and bathrooms

Automobile Chemical Agents

Your customers: car washes, car services, retail shops, car dealers, commercial and budgetary organizations with their own car fleet or car wash complex.

  • - car shampooes for manual and contactless washing
  • - polish and liquid wax
  • - rubber blackening agents
  • - universal cabin dry cleaning
  • - engine, brakes cleaning agents
  • - glass cleaning products

Non-freezing Washer Fluids

The first sales channel is a vending machine with a low power consumption and not requiring the presence of personnel for sales, operates autonomously. On average, sales per day range from 200 to 400 liters, in a busy place and under certain weather conditions up to 1,000 liters. The vending machine has a note/coin acceptor.

The second sales channel is deliveries to car shops, service centers, petrol stations, gas stations, wholesale markets, and retail chains.


Tosol Cooling Agents and Heat Transfer Fluids

Your customers: : specialized car shops, car services, large industrial, mining, motor transportation enterprises, owners of buildings with individual heating.

  • - Tosol cooling agents and antifreezes
  • - heat carriers and urea

Cleaning Pastes

The franchise of cleaning pastes represents the production of pastes used in everyday life and industry. Developed in conjunction with the specialists of the Department of Colloid Chemistry, Kazan Chemical Institute of Technology, they meet all modern standards and requirements imposed by the consumers on such products. Enjoys steadily high demand in the market. Low competition environment due to the product innovativeness, allows quickly entering the market of any region while maintaining 220% profitability. Himrussia recommends this franchise as an additional package to the Cleaning Agents package or Household Chemical Agents package.



Your customers: wholesale and retail stores, car services, car washes.

  • - liquid keys
  • - rust dissolvers
  • - brake cleaners
  • - greases
  • - polish and rubber blackening agents.

Smoothly Running Logistics

Working with HimRussia, you get both the finished production, and also a batch of finished products costing from 5000 to 7500$.