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of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes

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  • 01. Audit, evaluation, analysis

    Expert review

    Development recommendations

    Competitor analysis

    Media plan drafting

  • 02. Product packaging

    Corporate identity development

    Marketing kit development

    Printed products design

  • 03. Exhibitions, presentations

    Organization of events

    Presentation development

    Organization of exhibitions

  • 04. Internet marketing

    Website / Landing page development

    Contextual advertising

    Social networks

    Youtube channel

  • 05. Video marketing


    Shooting commercials

    Video footage


  • 06. Analytics systems

    Implementation of CRM Systems

    End-to-end analytics

    System integration

Calculate the revenue received by employees and find out how not to spend extra money on advertising using end-to-end analytics.

Dynamic analytics and accurate figures that allow you to detect and eliminate the weaknesses of your business, and make the strengths growing faster.

The system itself will tell you what budget is needed to sign an agreement and get payment for it.

The system will carry out calculations so that you will know how much 1 call, 1 contract, 1 sale, etc. costs you in rubles.

That is, you get simple numbers:

The budget to sign the contract was 10,000 rubles.

Revenue from 1 contract is 100,000 rubles

100,000 - 10,000 = 90,000 rubles. Your profit.

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Is it hard to understand
who to fire?

The system will accurately help determine in figures which of the managers brings you income, and which - losses.
Evaluation is provided in figures which will be proof that the employee is ineffective, and you can easily fire him/her.

Are managers
communicating with
customser correctly?

The system records conversations. You can listen to the recordings even from a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Non-targeted customers from
different advertising channels.

Often, the profit received from all advertising channels (Internet advertising, banners, magazines, social networks, etc.) is considered, but not individually. Thus, there is no understanding of channels through which sales are made by managers and which channel provides the “hottest” customers.

Through the introduction of end-to-end analytics, the system determines the revenue that a certain advertising channel brings individually.

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Problem: managers sometimes miss customer calls, do not call back.

Due to the high flow of applications, managers do not always have time to call up with customers. As a result, customers leave, perhaps, to competitors.

After the implementation of the CRM system, each customer is automatically registered in the system. If the buyer called after hours, the answering machine will notify him/her that he/she will be called back tomorrow. The robot independently connects the manager and the buyer, so managers never forget to call back and make an appointment.

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Problem in negotiating with buyers of the "We will think"
or "I will think" format.

Usually, to work with such customers, managers make themselves a reminder in notebooks, but still most of them are lost and forgotten.

The system allows you to set an automatic or manual reminder that you have to call at a certain time, which does not allow the "loss" of such a customer. The installed system of the following steps will always control the customer until his complete refusal or a purchase.

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Problem: there is no understanding how much revenue a certain company manager
exactly provides.

Usually, the manager efficiency is evaluated "approximately."

Analytical evaluation of each manager is provided in figures in the system. The work of each manager is measured in a numerical equivalent. It is possible to evaluate exactly up to the ruble what revenue the employee brought to the company.

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Forecasted profit for the day/week/month/year.

The system automatically calculates estimated revenue for each month/quarter/year.

Estimating revenue from online advertising, banner advertising, etc.
What income does the poster
installed in the streets of your city bring?

After setting up the system, it may turn out that:

- A poster in the street reduces your income monthly: (minus 13 thousand rub.)

- TV advertising: (+ 25 thousand rub.)

- Radio advertising: (+63 thousand rub.)

- Contextual advertising on the Internet (+221 thousand rub.)

Hence we can conclude that the poster in the street should be removed.

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Demonstration of why you need end-to-end analytics.

A banner in the street of the city brought N calls. The evaluation showed a lower cost of a call from a banner in relation to the cost of a call from online advertising and telephone calling by managers. After the system introduction, it turned out that calls from the banner views were almost not transferred to sales, as people who saw the banner did not have money to buy the service. The budget, formed earlier to pay for the banner, was directed to TV advertising, because according to the report, television brought 1/3 of the top 10 profitable customers.

The difficulty in counting the number of applications/calls from potential customers.

The number of calls is counted manually in Excel. The error in the calculations can be 10%, 20%, and even 50%.

It is eliminated upon installing call tracking and metrics.

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Problem: the price of the signed contract and the cost of sale is unknown, as well as the price of the call/application.

Usually, the cost of the call - the budget spent on attracting a customer - is not calculated.

The installed system independently calculates the cost of the call/concluded contract/application/sale. As a result, it is possible to assess the feasibility of each channel.

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An example showing why we should calculate the cost of a call/transaction, etc.

For example, your sales department/manager concludes every 10th deal, that is, the conversion is 10%. Revenue from the sale is, for example, 50,000 rubles. The call cost is 1,000 rubles. We conclude that if the conversion to sales is 10%, then the cost of selling is 1,000 x 10 = 10,000 rubles. As a result: 50,000 - 10,000 = 40,000 rubles is the revenue from the deal after deducting advertising costs.

If the revenue from the sale is 10,000 rubles and the deal cost is 10,000 rubles, then we have 0 rubles from the sale (plus other costs making our business unprofitable).

Most companies often perform unprofitably in the context of some advertising sources and are not aware of this.

Problem: client base is usually maintained
in Excel files or a notepad.

Client base security may be at risk of loss or transfer to competitors.

In the CRM system, the client base is under reliable protection, it can be downloaded in a single click. The entire base is also protected from transmission to third parties and loss.

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Problem: it is not clear how much money was earned/how much was spent/how the employees worked, etc. fora certain period of time.

There is no clear understanding of cash flow and the effectiveness of managers.

Eliminated due to the visual display of figures in real time. Key figures: revenue per the day before/week/month. The number of new customers, etc. The system can automatically send a notification to the manager about the figures in the form of SMS and e-mail every day. Analytics allows you to learn the figures from anywhere in the world from any device.

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