Business franchise for production

of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes

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Establishing Production Processes for the Franchisee

Unlike trade and the service sector, the production business does not suffer from sanctions and is less susceptible to crises, since it has a significantly higher net profit in relation to the invested funds.
Become a manufacturer in one or more areas of the Himrussia franchise.

Production services included in the cost of franchises

Zonal Design

Recommendations on the selection of premises: we provide the necessary criteria for the selection of premises – the minimum area, height of ceilings, the availability of communications, access roads and security, power networks, requirements for water supply and sewerage.

Assessment of the selected premises for production: we estimate location and binding to highways, public transport, access roads, loading and unloading area, neighbors. We examine photos and videos, layout, incoming communications, suitability for use for the production of detergents, the possibility of future development for further expansion.

Layout inside the premises: the company's specialists, taking into account the location of doors and windows, communications, prepare a draft design, breaking the production area into zones — raw materials storage — container storage — production premises — finished product storage — operator's area with a desk.

Consultations at the lease agreement conclusion: the company's lawyer reviews the lease agreement and gives an opinion on the possibility of its conclusion, checks the future lessor.

Consultations during the initial preparation of the premises: the specialists explain what to prepare in the premises before the arrival of the specialist – they check sockets, electrical equipment, lighting, water pressure.

Water analysis: upon the analysis the technologist selects the necessary filtration system.


Selection of Equipment

The individual estimation of the equipment necessary for the launch is provided in the case when the specification is individual and/or requires additional work or additional equipment.

Selection of additional equipment, selection of auxiliary equipment, such as the labeler, packer, 4-head pouring system.

Consultations on the technical characteristics of the shipped equipment, the provision of technical characteristics, power consumption, water consumption, noise level, service life.

Warranty service: in case of equipment breakdown, the company has a warranty obligation to the customer, the equipment is either repaired or replaced with a new one at the expense of the manufacturer, including shipping costs, warranty period is 1 year from the date of delivery. In case of failure due to the fault of the customer or the expiration of the warranty period, we provide a unit repair/replacement service.


Organization of Workflow

Assistance in staff selection, assistance in placing and writing ads, recommendations for employment, nuances.

Employment: job descriptions, safety, employment contract and agreement on non-disclosure of trade secrets.

Workplace: equipping the workplace in production, necessary things to have on the desktop, the selection of workwear and a minimum set of tools.

Accreditation of the employee, training and issuance of a certificate.

Interaction with the Central Office: introduction of the departments of the company, the transfer of contacts of employees whom the operator and business owner will contact with in the future.


Dispatch of Equipment

Preparing equipment and raw materials for transportation: packaging ensuring reliable movement of purchased equipment and raw materials to the destination.

Search for a transport company or carrier to ensure reliable delivery without disrupting the deadlines specified by the contract, as well as minimizing costs for both parties.

Loading: loading and reliable arrangement of cargo, the transfer of documentation and the contacts of the consignee.

Consultations during unloading: assistance in proper unloading, recommendations on the selection of unloading equipment depending on the transport used, recommendations for placement in the premises according to the submitted project.


Visit of Specialists, Installation. Training

Visit of a specialist: a specialist comes to you and plans his/her actions on site.

Preparation of premises and equipment, installation, assembly, connection of utilities, start-up and testing. Preparing for the release of a pilot batch.

Operator training, production of a pilot product batch, pouring, preparation for sale.

Training of logistics and supply departments especially when working with accredited suppliers when ordering raw materials and packaging, work with a printing house.


Transfer of Intellectual Property

More than 150 unique formulations and process flowcharts developed specifically for our company by professors of the KSTU, tested in the laboratory and in 120 regions of the CIS.

Specifications, certificates, test reports for the entire contract term, that is, there is no need to maintain that – the company has already taken care of and you will always have relevant dates.

The list of accredited suppliers: purchasing raw materials with an exclusive discount for our customers to ensure the minimum cost of the finished product on site.

Labels in electronic form, brand book, as well as a catalog, leaflets, layouts of business cards, booklets, banners, souvenirs, and gift products already with customer details.

1C accounting production-warehouse-sales: software developed by our IT specialists and adapted to the conditions of work with formulations and suppliers.


Company's Technologist Consultation

Training in product quality assessment methods, training in manufactured product quality assessment, training in work with instrumentation to achieve the reference quality of the finished product.

Development of new products, improvement of formulations, comparative analysis of competitors' products within the region, a change in the cost (higher/lower).