Business franchise for production

of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes

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Business franchise for production
of household and automobile chemical agents, Tosol cooling agents, antifreezes, aerosols, cleaning pastes
with a yield from 4 000$

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HimRussia Company

HimRussia– is the only company in Russia that combines manufacturing, research and franchise activity.

For ten years, HimRussia has come a long way. It was established as a small company of two people united by a single idea to create a large-scale chemical production. Now it is a large federal network with 120 franchise points in 6 countries of the world.
Throughout its history, HimRussia creates products and services that become hits for customers and standards for the market. Our business is developing in parallel with the business of our partners, providing them with support and assistance, thanks to the vast experience in production of detergents and technical liquids.

Chemical Production Franchises

Unlike trade and service industry, the production business does not suffer from sanctions and is less susceptible to crises, as it has a significantly higher net profit in relation to the invested funds. Become a manufacturer in one or more areas of the HimRussia's franchise.

We offer the following franchise options:

Option 1

20 000 $

One of any franchises

Option 2

150 000 $

- Household chemical agents

- Automobile chemical agents

- Cleaning chemical agents

Option 3

380 000 $

All list of franchises

Franchise types:

  • 01. Cleaning chemical agents
  • 02. Household chemical agents
  • 03. Automobile chemical agents
  • 04. Non-freezing washer fluids
  • 05. Tosol cooling agents and heat transfer fluids
  • 06. Cleaning pastes
  • 07. Aerosols

What is the advantage of the Himrussia franchise?
You get the launched production and well-established
product distribution channels.

After you have chosen an interesting area, we proceed to launching and setting up production in your city with a visit of our specialists. We have to perform several stages of launch before you start making a profit.

a legal entity
of production

Our production

The Himrussia production is a combination of unique technical, engineering, production, scientific processes developed by Himrussia’s specialists to create excellent-quality finished products with less labor, financial and energy costs.

Thanks to highly professional employees working in our company, we were able to achieve minimum electricity consumption at maximum capacity utilization.

Almost complete automation provides the opportunity to save on labor force. Operating a full-cycle production line requires a maximum of three people taking into account productivity from 25 tons per day.

High accuracy solves the problem of the reject rate. Mobility and ease of assembly and installation enables disassembling and deploying the complex in just 2 days.

Affordable and modern software can be operated by a person with no special competencies.

We are proud of our production and justifiably consider it one of the best production of cleaning detergents in Russia.